MODIFIED BITUMEN and built up roofing

This is a new granule surface, modified bitumen roof system installed with asphalt on Northwestern High School. The job was completed while school was in session. It was on time, within budget and without any problems.





This is another granule surface modified bitumen roof system. The existing roof was removed and this new one was installed in cold adhesive. The project was completed while the building was occupied and was finished on time, within budget and without any problems.




The commerce center is a 100,000 square foot warehouse roof. The project consisted of a complete tear off of the existing roof system and replacement with a mechanically fastened iso, overlay insulation and 4 plies of felt and gravel in hot asphalt.



Single Ply

On the Brookwood warehouse, the single ply membrane was removed and the existing insulation was reused. The new roof membrane is 1345 squares of mechanically fastened 60 mil. TPO.







Interstate Roofing has trained and dispatched crews that can complete scheduled roofing maintenance on commercial properties as well as remedial leak repairs. We also perform visual roof inspections to help determine the roof's longevity as well as where the roof is in its life cycle. The Company has a maintenance agreement to help owners with preventative maintenance that will extend the life of the roof.