Interstate Roofing provides many services to our customers throughout North Carolina and South Carolina. Here is a list of a few services that we offer.

  • Roof Inspections 
    We can provide roof inspections that help owners with maintenance needs, as well as budgets for replacement costs. Our inspections can include test cuts and analysis, or be as simple as a visual inspection. This information is important to help calculate the roof's longevity as well as the life cycle analysis for the existing property. This is all done at no cost to the owner.
  • Maintenance and Leak Repairs 
    Having trouble with your roof? We can provide you with remedial leak repairs or scheduled roofing maintenance on your commercial properties. We have radio dispatched crews that will help extend the life of your roof and stop that roof leak. The Company also has a maintenance agreement to help owners with preventative maintenance that can extend the life of the roof.
  • Roof Replacement 
    We are happy to provide owners with multiple options for replacing your existing roof using a variety of different roofing systems and manufacturers. Our crews are specialized in roof replacement over occupied space and everyone on our team respects the tenant's needs throughout the re-roofing project. Before the project begins, our project managers will help determine the best roof system for your specific project. We specialize in installing the following low slope roofing systems: Single Ply (TPO, PVC and EPDM), Modified Bitumen, and Built up roofing.
  • New Construction 
    Our estimating team will read and analyze your building plans, and provide you a competitive bid for your new construction needs.
  • Metal 
    Our estimators can provide a variety of metal roofing options for steep sloped roofs. Since we have our own sheet metal fabrication shop, our mechanics are able to fabricate custom panels and trim for unique flashing situations.
  • Specialty Items 
    We also install roof ladders, skylights, HVAC curbs, snow guards, roof walk ways, solar roof panels and safety equipment.

Every project presents its own challenges, and Interstate Roofing is prepared to provide the owner with realistic and competitive choices.

Interstate Roofing is an authorized installer for the following roofing manufacturers.